I am Luke Tyburski, and adventure is what I do!

Whether it's through the Saharan desert, down Mt Everest, through a forest in China, or closer to home in Richmond Park; running always puts a smile on my face, and gives me a sense of adventure.

After a stop start injury plagued football career due to injuries, I turned to running as an escape from making that tough decision of “what do I with my life,” and I’ve not looked back.
Well I didn’t exactly start where most sane people begin their running careers, I signed up to the infamous Marathon des Sables for my first ever race, with the bar set quite high and a renewed excitement for life, I begun my search for more extreme running adventures.


With my body loving pounding the pavements and gripping the trails on some spectacular routes I’ve been lucky enough to experience over the past three years I’ve been running, I still get that feeling of excitement every time I lace up my shoes and head out the door.


I love running long, where hours pass and feel like minutes. I’m always learning about myself, and the art of running on each outing, whether I’m alone or with my regular Sunday morning West London crew #PRC.



Luke 2
My newfound passion for running and adventure has not only enhanced my life by teaching me to live it every single day, but has given me a platform to inspire others, and help them to get out of their own comfort zones both physically, and in everyday life.

With a new challenge planned for 2015 (which finishes with 14 marathons in 7 days) I’ve plenty of running to do, inspiration to share, and fun to have through this beautiful and simplistic sport that has quite literally exposed a renewed enjoyment for life I never knew existed.


The Adventure. The Challenge. The Travel
Luke Tyburski
Twitter- @LukeTyburski

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