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Sweatshop Track Club is committed to helping talented young athletes become exceptional senior athletes. Sweatshop Track Club (STC) will help young athletes by providing free spikes, running shoes and track gear. Our objective is to offer extra support to athletes that would normally not get any help.

By supporting more athletes we hope we can make it a little easier for these athletes to be more successful. Additionally, we believe that by using the power of collective success and our existing media partners and audience we can help to raise the profile of young British athletes, and specifically members of STC.

We believe by raising the profile of these athletes we can increase their chances of getting a bigger kit contract and by bringing their successes to a bigger audience there can be a positive effect for all young British athletes.

Sweatshop collaborates with adidas to provide a comprehensive kit package for all athletes, athletes are contracted for 12 month periods requiring them to wear exclusively Sweatshop Track Club uniform and adidas product at training and track meetings.

So are you one of the best 20 Junior Athletes in Britain? Do you want some sponsorship support? Do you want to be part of the most exclusive track club in Britain? Enter before 8th March 2015

If you are competing in the Junior Age group and can show us that you are an exceptional talent, the best of your generation, and committed to being a great senior athlete that makes it to the very top then maybe we could offer you a bit of extra support and make you part of a very exclusive, invitation only club for the very best.


Read Sophie’s success story below


From Sweatshop Track Club to Life as a Professional Athlete

Great Britain and Northern Ireland team sprinter, Sophie Papps was supported by Sweatshop Track Club for two years until January 2014 which then provided her with a platform to gaining a full sponsorship deal and a spot on the World Indoor Championships squad.

The 19-year-old has enjoyed a breakthrough winter, having reduced her 60m lifetime best to 7.22, made her senior international debut and has signed on the books with adidas.

To read more about Sophie’s achievements and how Sweatshop Track Club assisted her athletics career, read the full article on our RunHub.

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