Is there a fee?

The SRC is completely free, there is no membership fee and no fee to run.

Do I have to register and how do I do it?

It’s not a requirement that you register, but the benefit of doing so is that you’ll be eligible for free incentives, including an exclusive SRC technical tshirt after you’ve completed five runs. Registration is completely free and takes about two minutes.

You can register here

Is the SRC suitable for brand new runners?

Yes. The SRC is for everyone and was created specifically with brand new runners in mind. There are runners of varying abilities and experiences on most of the runs, but we commit to always having a back pacer runner to make sure that no one gets lost or is left to run alone.

How to do I find my nearest run?

You can find your nearest run by clicking here

I’ve lost my SRC Number, how do I find out what it is?

Email community@sweatshop.co.uk and let us know and we’ll to resend your confirmation email which contains your SRC number.

Can I run at a store other than my home store?

Yes, you can run at any of our stores nationwide.

Is there anywhere to leave bags and other belongings during the run?

Yes, stores will either be locked during the run for runs that occur outside of store hours or staff members will be present in the store for runs that occur within hours. Some of our stores are located in David Lloyd gyms and have special arrangements made to use locker facilities there. It’s best to speak to staff at the store you’re interested in running at in order to find out specifics relating to that store.

If I have a guest visiting or a family member or friend who’d like to try running can I bring them with me?

Yes, you can bring anyone you’d like along to an SRC run. They do not have to register prior to their run (unless they want to join the SRC and start collecting stamps toward their free incentives).

Can minors run?

Persons under the age of 16 can run with us with supervision provided their parents or legal guardians have signed a disclaimer.

What happens on Bank Holidays?

It’s best to contact the store directly to find out if they will be running on a particular Bank Holiday.